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Winter tires: the best options

Check our complete list of the best winter products for the 2023-2024 seasons down here. We offer the best tires on the market at the lowest price with delivery.

The Best winter tires for 2023-2024

1. Bridgestone Blizzak WS-90 9.5/10

The Blizzak WS90 is one of the most popular and effective snow tires on the market today.

Bridgestone manufactures them in diameters suited to compact cars, coupes, sedans, and minivans. Moreover, there are variants of the Blizzak available for different vehicles like SUVs.What makes the Blizzak such a good choice is a powerful combination of its circumferential and lateral grooves, and its 3D zigzag sipes. The former are designed to disperse water, and snow away from the tire’s footprint; the latter give the tire added biting edges, for optimal grip.

A hydrophilic compound invented for the tire helps maintain traction and grip in the snow and in the rain. It is considered one of the best-performing tires on the market, whether it be on the open road - dry or wet - or in more difficult terrain such as snow-covered paths and surfaces

Michelin’s vigorously named X-Ice Snow tire doesn’t leave a doubt as to what it’s supposed to do. 

This winter tire is suited to a variety of vehicles ranging from crossovers and sedans, all the way up to SUVs and minivans. Designed with an innovative V-shaped tread pattern, the X-Ice Snow boasts an optimized contact patch for maximum grip power. You can feel it whether driving on wet, snowy or icy roads. Among the best aspects of the X-Ice Snow is a low-rolling resistance construction that improves your car’s fuel economy.

Michelin have designed independent shoulders and intermediate tread blocks to guarantee the driver has decent traction and wet surface maneuverability.At highway speeds, the X-Ice Snow holds steady and fast, due to its tread pattern and its water-dispersing characteristics.Michelin are so confident in their product that the X-Ice Snow tires come with a six-year tread life warranty, which is above and beyond the industry standard.

The Continental Viking Contact 7 is a serious  contender for owners of SUVs, CUVs, cars and minivans who want to swap to winter tires.

This winter tire has been manufactured with features such as an intelligent tread pattern containing a network of super-efficient grooves. This assures the driver of excellent handling of the slush, ice and snow, while also reducing the risk of hydroplaning. Furthermore, the Continental Viking Contact 7 features stiffer interlocking blocks for outstanding road handling in any weather conditions. As a consequence, your driving will feel safer and maneuverability optimal at all times.

An added bonus: drivers will benefit from the Continental Limited Warranty as well as protection against road hazards.

The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR was specially developed for the extreme winter of Arctic countries - mainly Canada and Scandinavia.

Its perfect for driving in complete safety in deep snow, thanks to its aggressive tread pattern designed to dominate the most difficult weather conditions.The Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR will give you confidence in your driving skills, even in heavy snowfall, slush or over icy roads. Thanks to the 3D butterfly sipe technology, it will maintain utmost stability and absolute steering control in all circumstances and on all surfaces, dry or wet.

This Pirelli tire model integrates the company’s exclusive Run Flat technology, which lets you drive on when punctured and replace your tire in a safe place. Indeed, this smart piece of tech isn’t simply handy, it’s a genuinely priceless feature if you’re ever stuck in a snowstorm. Whether you drive a compact or premium sedan or SUV, you'll love the performance and security this tire has to offer.

This BF Goodrich model gives you extreme traction in the snow, over ice and through the slush. 

You can feel secure at the wheel of your car with these tires holding steady to whatever road surface you encounter. Wet and rainy conditions are no match for the Winter T/A KSI, with its saw-toothed grooves and extra number of edges. This also means you can safely accelerate and turn in the rain, and experience reduced braking distances as well. 

On top of that, ice and snow are easy challenges for this tire, as its design incorporates a serrated shoulder profile that grabs into deep snow.Furthermore, the active locking 3D sipe technology helps with block stability, resulting in precise handling and cornering. Anywhere there is snow, whether hard pack or freshly fallen, the BFGoodrich Winter T/A KSI will go over it with ease, leaving the driver feeling in control at all times.

The Arctic 12, by General Tires, is a studdable winter tire which rides excellently in slippery conditions. 

It innovates with a compound built to last and guarantee even wear. It’s V-shaped directional grooves and tread pattern give drivers more traction at low temperatures whether in rain, ice or snow. Handling and cornering is enhanced by the presence of snow traction ridges - in other words, raised ridges in the grooves. Consequently, these added details give your car more braking prowess and also make it more responsive when accelerating. 

For those who want the extra grip, these tires are pinned for winter studs, an extra bonus not usually available on other tires in its price-range.The General Arctic 12 is a good all-round winter tire, giving you plenty of control and the possibility of increasing the traction of your vehicle with studs.

Goodyear’s WinterCommand is part of a line-up of 12 winter tire models from the company. 

They have priced it between the Ultra Grip Winter (snow tire) and Ultra Grip WRT (ice tire), and admittedly it is a hybrid of the two.How so? The Winter Command’s tread design is reminiscent of ice tires, while its stud holes come right off of a snow tire. As a consequence, you get a tire that is on the one hand, grippy on wet and icy surfaces and, on the other, that handles well in deep snow. 

In spite of longer braking times on ice compared to the Ultra Grip Ice WRT, this model does a great job in slush and wet snow, due to the tread designed to expel water more efficiently. The Goodyear Winter Command boasts an affordable price, durable construction, and comes in a large range of sizes from 15 to 20 inch diameters, making it an excellent choice for innumerous drivers and vehicle types

While relatively unknown in Canada, Cooper is an American tire manufacturer of good repute in its home country. 

The Discoverer True North is a winter tire designed for the American highway, demonstrating excellent stability at high speeds. Steering may not be razor-sharp, but nonetheless provides the driver with good, predictable handling. Furthermore, the tire is very quiet and unequivocally comfortable. The Discoverer True North demonstrates exceptional wet traction, making them ideal on slush-covered roads; likewise, they hold steady on ice and snow. 

These winter tires perform well on plowed and treated roads, so you can count on them to be perfectly stable through the slush and over black ice. Along with what we’ve mentioned previously, other key elements in deciding to purchase the Discoverer True North are its durability and price point.

In Canada, the Yokohama iceGuard IG53 is one of the best-selling winter tires. 

This can be attributed to its outstanding performance on icy roads, as well as in snowy conditions. Excellent traction is the result of the tread design, notably its 3D sipes, which lock when cornering, for better maneuverability and stability. Furthermore, the tire´s snow performance is improved by diagonal micro-grooves. The tread profile is efficient in preventing hydroplaning also. 

The tire comes in diameters up to 19 inches, which means only the drivers of the biggest trucks and SUVs will have to look elsewhere.  For the majority of us, the Yokohama IceGuard IG53 will tick almost all boxes, and then some.What’s more, it’s considered to be a fuel-efficient winter tire due to its high-density compound, essential in reducing rolling resistance. If you’ll be driving over snowy patches and in the rain, consider the Yokohama IceGuard IG53 as one of your best options

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Best all seasons truck tires with the ''snowflake'' symbol and approve for winter

The following selection of tires has been drawn up specially for the drivers of trucks, large SUVs and some minivans.Beyond the increased tire diameter, the requirements for these types of vehicles are different to those of a family car or sedan. Stability at high speeds is just one factor that needs to be taken into account when dealing with taller and heavier vehicles. 

The list below offers you a few excellent winter tire options and their characteristics.

1. Bf Goodrich All Terrain TA K02 9.0/10

This model is suited to pickups, light trucks and SUVs. They will ensure off-road performance on these types of vehicles even in rain and snow.CoreGard Technology results in an increased overall rubber thickness to protect against splitting and tearing. A network of interlocking tread blocks and sipes work in conjunction to give drivers stable handling both on and off-road. In addition, BFGoodrich have included their proprietary Serrated Shoulder Design which increases grip in mud, snow, and over jagged terrain.

Finally, the tire’s footprint better distributes the weight of your vehicle more evenly - especially useful when loaded with gear - conducive to longer tread life. Switching to a set of BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2's is a wise choice, knowing you’ll be driving with long-lasting, stable and versatile tires.

he WildPeak A/T Trail is designed to deliver rugged capability combined with pleasant on-road driving. Falken have delivered an all terrain winter tire made for small SUVs or crossovers, with tire diameters ranging from 16” to 20”.The tire’s capabilities are unmistakable off-road, and they never compromise on dependable all-weather performance. At the same time, they are very well acclimated to the open road. 

With its silica-enriched compound and symmetric pattern, it is designed for durability and longevity over a wide range of conditions and temperatures. The Wildpeak A/T 3W’s circumferential grooves aid hydroplaning control, dredging through puddles and standing water. Rugged over-the-shoulder ribs help avoid punctures from rocks or other jagged objects and surfaces. Furthermore, the off-road worthiness of the Falken Wildpeak A/T 3W is consolidated by its upper sidewall and 3D canyon sipe technologies. Accordingly, the traction you’ll get from them is second-to-none.

The aforementioned sipes create a multitude of biting edges that grip well in light snow and ice, which explains the tire’s 3PMSF rating. A two-ply, polyester casing enhances the tire’s durability without compromising ride quality, while improving handling, even at high speeds.

The Toyo Open Country C/T is an unbeatable, studdable all terrain tires designed for light trucks and SUVs providing excellent traction in all weather conditions. Toyo designed their Open Country C/T tire to be run year-round, making it a practical choice for most drivers. Its resistant rubber compound design is highly durable yet flexible at low temperatures. Also, it features an all-terrain-tread pattern allowing you to take it off-road. Nonetheless, it has been engineered to take to the open road without having to adapt your driving too much..

For instance, its highway performance is excellent, with a real feeling of stability and easy cornering. The Toyo Open Country C/T boasts effortless traction in wet or dry road conditions. However, it makes a little more road noise than a traditional road or moderate all terrain tires. Yet the added hum is a small compromise for the off-road traction offered by the tread design. On muddy off-road terrain, this tire has no issues finding traction, as the tread clears out stones and mud easily. 

The tread life is impressive for a tire geared towards multiple surface types, notably due to its aggressive tread design. As with all tires from Toyo, you can expect a long-lasting tire without a dip in performance. 

The Wrangler DuraTrac designed for trucks, pickups, vans, SUVs and commercial vehicles. Its off-road capabilities have been developed in conjunction with its on-road performance, for an all-round great drive. Wrangler DuraTrac tires are manufactured with a tough tread compound that is resistant to tread block chipping and tearing. Thus, it can be a big plus for those who utilize their vehicle as a workhorse, using it for towing and or loading daily. 

Traction and stability are assured by its tread design, combining stepped shoulders and highly angled centre tread blocks. Additionally, you can count on its performance on dry roads and well as in the rain. This tire is endowed with Goodyear's TractiveGroove Technology, which is a tread design with zigzag sipes that self-clean. You'll be guaranteed consistent power and grip to get you over mud and snow. Wrangler DuraTrac tires even feature built-in rim protectors to preserve the wheels from accidental damage, especially when taken off-road.

While being a proper off-road tire, this model is also studdable, giving you the possibility of extra grip in the snow if you so require. For those of you who need the extra stability and grip in all circumstances, please peruse our selection of studded tiresBe sure to consult with us to see if the Wrangler DuraTrac is best suited to your vehicle. It will without a doubt leave you confident at the wheel and feeling in control.

The world’s biggest tire companies have dedicated years of research to perfect the design of their winter tires. All you have to do is pick the one that’s most adequate for your car.

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