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Our Promise to Canadians

As a company operating in Canada, 4TIRES builds connections with citizens and reflects the diversity of communities across the country.

This relationship translates digitally into an exchange of data between you (the user) and us (the company). Data is handled with care to provide Canadians with a secure and engaging experience when they share information with us.

To preserve the trust relationship between you and us, 4TIRES commits to:

We have implemented measures to protect the personal information we collect in accordance with the Privacy Act and our Privacy and Personal Information Protection Policy, such as password encryption or the use of secure communications (HTTPS) for any communication containing personal information.

What is the Purpose of Your Data?

Collected data is analyzed to develop products and content that match your preferences and interests. This data is used to optimize and improve digital products and enhance your usage. It may also be used to recommend content based on your interests.

“In other words: we want to know what interests you, not who you are.”

Presence of 4TIRES on Third-party Platforms

Our company is present on various third-party platforms, such as social media. When you interact with us on these platforms or use your social media credentials to log into our services, their policies and terms of use apply, and we encourage you to read them.

We may use information you provide to us on third-party platforms, as well as limited information obtained from your social media accounts (if you choose to share this information by using your social media credentials to log into our services), to interact with you, answer your questions, and for audience insights and reporting purposes.

Your Data and Your Privacy

On the Internet, every interaction with a digital product generates data. So, when you visit a page on https://4tires.ca, you generate data. Through your choices and actions, 4TIRES can transmit the necessary information to your device to display the requested content.

This exchange of data is fundamental to the operation of the Internet. Without this exchange, there is no network, and therefore no Internet.

For example, certain data, like your IP address, are necessary for us to know where to send the requested information. This is very similar to the physical world. When you request a letter or package to be delivered to your home, you need to provide your postal address, or else the sender won't know where to send it. It's the same on the Internet; without a destination address, no data can be sent to you.

What Data Do We Collect?

We categorize the data we collect into three main categories:

Your actions on our products (analytical data)

For example:

Your context when using our products (analytical data)

For example:

How Do We Use This Data?

Canadian preferences and needs are varied. The collected data is analyzed to enable us to develop products and services that align with your preferences.

Analytical data (your actions, your context)

Analytical data is obtained when you use our websites. The data we analyze regarding viewed content and viewing methods can be used, among other things, to:

Actions taken on our products cannot be linked to an individual. Analytical data is anonymized to prevent the identification of a specific person.

Advertising Targeting

The data collected is also used to present you with advertisements matching your interests. They allow us to group user profiles of our products by audience segments with common interests.

For example, if we notice that a group of people has a strong interest in automobiles, we may present automotive-related content or advertisements to this audience segment. Subsequently, we will be able to assess the number of people in this segment who saw the advertisement or content, without identifying them personally.

Advertising targeting data is anonymized to prevent the identification of a specific person. Actions taken on our products cannot be associated with an individual.

If you do not wish us to use advertising targeting to present you with ads based on your interests, you can disable this feature by deactivating advertising targeting browser cookies in your browser.

Visit this section to learn more about managing data concerning you.

How Do We Ensure the Protection of Your Privacy?

Your data is always protected. We implement strict measures to protect the personal data to which you provide us access. These measures comply with privacy legislation and 4TIRES' privacy policy.

Secure Connections

4TIRES encrypts all communication containing personal information. This means that the transmitted data is encoded to ensure its confidentiality during the exchange of data between your devices and the various products and services of 4TIRES.

Security Audits

Furthermore, your data is stored on protected and monitored infrastructures to detect and prevent leaks or intrusion attempts. We regularly conduct audits to ensure the robustness of these measures.

Are these data transmitted to third parties?

The data to which you grant access to 4TIRES may be transmitted to third parties in certain specific contexts. 4TIRES ensures that data transfer is carried out securely.

The collected data is not used for any purpose other than those authorized by 4TIRES.

Analytical Data (your actions, your context)

4TIRES may use the services of partners to facilitate data analysis. In such cases, we ensure that the partners follow strict rules regarding data protection equivalent to those of 4TIRES.

Your Data and Security

Data Protection

The data you choose to disclose, the people you disclose it to, and your reasons for doing so form the basis of protecting your privacy and rights. If you do not want us to know your IP address, you should refrain from visiting the 4TIRES website.

If you do not wish for us to collect personal data about you, you should not register on the 4TIRES website or log in.

If you want access to our site, which allows for viewing local, personalized, or more relevant content for you, we need information to identify you.

How does 4TIRES protect the information you provide?

The personal information we collect is protected in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act of Canada and the 4TIRES Privacy Policy.

We will only use them for the purposes agreed upon when you provided them to us. If we wish to use your information for another purpose, we will first seek your consent.

Customization and Filter Bubbles

Customization without Polarization

As a company operating in Canada, we aim to promote a sense of national belonging and greater social cohesion by creating a platform:

Use of Algorithms by 4TIRES

Sometimes we use algorithms to personalize your online browsing. Our algorithms do not replace competent individuals who design the range of content you view on our website. However, algorithms are the basis for some tools such as the most popular content based on your region or widgets related to time or weather.

What is a Web Browser Cookie? How Do We Use Them?

What is a Web Browser Cookie?

A web browser cookie is a small text file placed on your browsing device that allows for storing data about your internet habits. For example, a cookie may contain a unique number assigned to you. This number allows your browser to be recognized without being able to establish your identity.

How Web Browser Cookies Work

When you visit a webpage that uses cookies, a cookie is saved by your browser on your device. When you return to this site, the cookie recognizes you using your unique identification number. Cookies are the cornerstone of your browser's memory.

Over the years, the internet has evolved, and so have cookies. Cookies now remember items you've placed in your shopping cart on shopping sites or your preferences. Cookies also enable automatic login to websites you visit frequently or the resumption of a video where you left off.

Use of Cookies by 4TIRES

Every time you interact with 4TIRES online, you generate data, and we send you data. These fundamental data exchanges are at the very core of how the internet operates. Without information exchange, there is no internet.

Cookies can tell us:

The data you choose to share with us helps us design better digital products and focus on what interests you.

The vast majority of the data you create does not allow us to identify you. And when you really need to identify yourself to log in to our website or in an application, we believe it is important for you to understand how we use this data.

Managing Your Web Browser Cookies

Managing Your Online Experience by Managing Cookies

Your data is valuable, and we believe it is up to you to decide which data you want to share with us. You can use the links below to enable or disable some of our cookies. However, cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of our digital products cannot be disabled.

Before downloading cookie-blocking software, you should know that these tools may prevent some of 4TIRES' products from functioning as intended or even functioning at all. If you block web browser cookies, audio or video content may not display, and you may block certain functions such as location, searches, registration, login, and feedback submission.

If you still decide to use cookie-blocking software, we ask you to please include Google and ThreatMetrix in the list of allowed cookies so that we can continue to receive minimal information on how you use our website.

We invite you to learn about how your data helps us improve our content and products.

Disabling Cookies

Most browsers allow you to manage the cookies that are stored on your computer. Please follow the instructions below to disable cookies on your device through your browser.

Visit the page corresponding to the browser you are using to learn more:

If your browser is not listed, we invite you to visit its website.


The list of web browser cookies presented on this page is subject to change. As our products are constantly evolving, new web browser cookies may be added to this list or some cookies may be removed. We ask you to visit this section periodically to stay up to date.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are essential for the functioning of our personalized services. For example, if you have an account on our website and wish to write comments on our pages, our system needs to use a cookie to recognize you.

Cookie Name File Name Description
Cookie Notification fcc_notification_vie_privee Allows disabling the display of the web browser cookie notification on all visited pages.
Session Cookie phpsessid Enables the activation of our platforms.
Security Cookie AEC Used by Google to ensure that requests made in a session come from the user and not from another website.
Google Recaptcha _GRECAPTCHA Enables the reCAPTCHA functionality on forms to protect them from spam.
Signifyd/ThreatMetrix thx_guid Allows the detection of fraudulent payment attempts.

Functionality and Personalization Cookies

These cookies are necessary for the use of specific functions. Some, for example, record the region in which you live so that we can provide you with more local content when you visit our site. If you do not wish to use this function, you do not need the corresponding cookie.

Cookie Name File Name Description
LiteSpeed _lscache_vary Prevents caching of certain pages
Search Cache tire-search-cache Memorizes choices from search form

Performance Cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how users navigate our websites. The data is used to study and improve the functionality of our products.

Cookie Name File Name Description
Google Analytics t_ga*
Allows us to understand the performance of our various content and to understand the behaviors of our users.

Visit this page to opt-out of the use of Google Analytics cookies.
Google Tag Manager / Conversion Linker _gcl_dc
Allows us to understand the performance of our various content and to understand the behaviors of our users.

Visit this page to opt-out of the use of Google Tag Manager / Conversion Linker cookies.

Targeting Cookies

Targeting cookies collect information about your content consumption habits so that we can offer you personalized advertisements tailored to your interests. You need these cookies to see personalized pages or ads more likely to interest you, or to avoid constantly seeing the same content.

Cookie Name File Name Description
Google Ad Manager __gads
Allows for targeted advertising. Google Ad Manager adheres to the principles of self-regulation for online behavioral advertising of the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada. Click the following links to:
Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager ssm_au_c
Allows analysis of user behavior and offers targeted advertising.

Contact Person

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding our privacy practices, please contact our designated privacy officer:

Valerie G.

4904 Ambroise-Lafortune
Boisbriand, QC, J7H 1S6