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Our selection of the best all-season tires

Published on 2021-04-27

It’s time to think of switching tires, but which ones? Let’s take a look at a few all-season tires that we’ve selected, to help you choose which model is best adapted to your vehicle and your driving style. 

Every year there are advancements in technology, so upgrading to new tires is not just a necessity due to wear, but a real boost to the handling and the efficiency of your car.

Michelin Defender T+H

The relaunch of the Michelin Defender T + H includes the new Evertread rubber tread. 

This is a compound with extra silica to enable increased grip on wet roads. It also assures great vehicle control throughout the life of the tire. You can expect good traction in the rain as it has Michelin’s Intellisipe Technology, a system of interlocking zig-zag sipes around the tire. 

The Defender T+H’s tread pattern provides added durability and a longer tread life. Traction is second-to-none in dry and wet conditions, while maintaining a quiet ride. For snowy conditions, extra sipes and their biting edges improve performance . 

Another trademark of Michelin is their Comfort Control Technology, which was designed for a smoother ride on all road surfaces. Another consequence of this has been noise reduction, which can be noted on all surfaces. Peace-of-mind is provided in the form of a 130K km tread life warranty, which used to be lower in the earlier version of the tire. 

This demonstrates the confidence Michelin has in its new product. As ever with this premium brand, you can expect all-round performance from the Defender T+H. 

Pirelli P4 Plus

Pirelli designed the P4 Four Seasons Plus to provide maximum performance in all weather conditions. 

The model is an improvement on the company’s original P4 design, with enhanced handling and traction. 

Pirelli's P4 range of tires has been created for coupes, sedans, and minivans. Vehicles with larger engines and more torque, thus requiring a specific profile to make the most out of the power generated, while also providing stability on highways.

A continuous centre rib around the tread to ensure excellent stability and handling, even at high speeds. Two central longitudinal grooves are helpful in expelling water, and the design of its shoulder blocks adds to the grip on both wet and dry roads.

As for driving in the heaviest snow, while it is substantially better than on many touring all-season tires; you still might want to consider changing to a dedicated winter tire if you go out in harsher weather.

Due to their unique engineering and design, the tires deliver consistent traction and handling in all road conditions. This degree of performance is coupled by a smooth, vibration-free ride which is always a priority for Pirelli and their clientele.

Continental Pure Contact LS

The Pure Contact LS is Continental Tire’s all season grand touring tire for sedans, wagons, coupes, and small SUVs. 

Designed with a view to great responsiveness, comfort, the tire provides traction on all surfaces and weather conditions.

The Continental Pure Contact LS has no issues on dry roads, while offering the best handling in the snow, rain, and even icy conditions. Braking and grip come hand-in-hand with excellent handling and steering.

Indeed, the Continental Pure Contact LS offers a very comfortable ride, akin to GT tires, due to the high apex design. 

The Pure Contact LS’s temperature activated functional polymers give added traction, tire wear and fuel efficiency. 

An asymmetric pattern was designed with roadblocks in the shoulder for lateral grip and stable steering at high speeds. And the wide central rib keeps the tire grounded, with extra road contact.

On top of that, Continental’s Comfort Ride technology helps reduce cabin vibrations. 

Continental Pure Contact LS are premium GT tires that are dependable in any kind of weather, and offer a long tread life, along with a ride of comfort and reduced noise.

Yokohama Avid Ascend GT

This model by Japanese manufacturer Yokohama is a durable safe and quiet tire fit for most family cars. 

The Avid Ascend GT incorporates almost every technology that Yokohama has developed over the years, notably the TriBLEND Compound Technology - basically it results in a better grip on both dry and wet conditions. The tread compound is also optimized for tread life, covered by their warranty.

It comes with an asymmetric tread pattern optimized for grip and traction in all weather conditions.

Another of their innovations to be found in this model is Yokohama’s BluEarth technology for reduced rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions.

Traction and braking are on par with the best models of grand-touring tires, and thanks to the upgraded tread compound, the Avid Ascend GT is also very responsive around corners. At highway driving speeds these tires are completely stable.

On slippery roads, Avid Ascend GT performs wonderfully. It’s good at resisting hydroplaning, holding well when driving through puddles. Also, the advanced tread compound pays dividends on damp surfaces, with a real grip feel. Overall, this is one of the safest and most responsive grand-touring tires to drive in the rain.

Only the harshest winter weather will warrant a proper set of snow tires, but the Avid Ascend GT will cater to most drivers living in areas with less snow. Traction in light snow is exemplary in the category, along with braking distances.

The GT is one of the quietest tires on the market, even at very high speeds. 

To match the stellar noise performance is the ride quality: the Avid Ascend GT cancels out any minor bump in the road and reduces significantly the discomfort of deeper ruts and potholes.

Yokohama has an excellent grand-touring tire that works well all year round. It comes highly recommended.

 General Altimax RT43

General Tire makes high-quality tires at a lower price point than premium brands (Michelin, Goodyear, etc.). 

According to General Tire, the AltiMAX RT43 is a grand-touring all-season tires that is a member of the AltiMAX family of flagship tires. 

Its quality to value ratios explains its popularity, along with its availability in a vast array of sizes.

AltiMAX RT43 is available in 13- to 20-inch sizes, covering a large range of subcompact cars, compact cars, sedans, minivans, small and mid-size crossovers, and some sports coupes.

General Tire’s Low Surface Abrasion Technology reduces tire tread distortion as it rolls, resulting in a prolonged tread life.

The company designed the tires with sound wave suppression technology which dampens tire noise, and you can expect excellent ride quality, devoid of excessive vibrations.

The Anti-Slip Sipe Design Technology implements an increased number of biting edges. This helps the tires’ grip in wet conditions, and even in light snow, giving added heft to their all-season label.

A welcome addition to the tire’s tech is Visual Alignment Indicator (VAI), especially rare in cheaper tires. As a result, you can immediately see if your wheels are misaligned, thus avoiding premature wear of your tires.   

For the price, this tire offers excellent handling in dry conditions. Responsiveness in curves and turning are as good as some of the best offerings in the grand-touring category.

It’s also one of the best for rainy conditions within its price range. The tire resists hydroplaning and brakes well in the rain too.

They do show their limits in the snow, adjusted to lighter snow. If you need to go out in heavier snow, you would need to change the tires.

Overall, the AltiMax offers an excellent bang for your buck, backed by a 120,000-km treadwear warranty.

 Toyo Extensa A/S 2

The Toyo Extensa A/S 2 is a good value for money models designed for compact cars and even some small crossovers.

This tire is not trying to be the best at all-weather traction. However, it strikes a good balance between comfort, quietness, longer wear, and admirable all-weather control.

Engineered with a symmetric tread design, the Toyo Extensa offers better high-speed stability and a sharper steering feel. 

Similar to other touring tires, the Toyo Extensa A/S is equipped with four wide circumferential grooves with variable-pitch channels. Their design improves water evacuation for a secure driving feeling on wet roads. 

There are multi-wave sipes on the tread blocks to improve traction and grip on all types of weather, even when driving in light snow. 

The Toyo Extensa A/S is great for straight-line and high-speed driving, but it is recommended you maintain a normal driving style on normal roads. 

It manoeuvres well in the wet, where it presents no problems with the modest driver.  It does, however, pack a surprise in light snow, handling very well. Anything deeper will require a switch to proper winter tires. 

For everyday driving in the city, you can’t go wrong with these tires. It’s a good compromise to buy a cheaper offering from one of the most renowned companies in the world than to just go for the cheapest tires out there.

 Yokohama Avid Ascend LX

The Avid Ascend LX by Yokohama is a tire which promises excellent all-weather traction and a safe ride on cars and SUVs. 

It’s been designed with a focus on driver manoeuvrability and control, along with longer-lasting tread life.

All-weather tires are made for versatility by combining their tread designs and compounds to assure grip, even in wet and snowy weather.

The Avid Ascend LX’s all season compound and asymmetric tread has a high number of biting edges gripping the road surface. 

Therefore, you get a safer ride at all times. It also handles well over ice and snow, due to its high-density sipping.

The tire’s compound manages to maintain flexibility at all temperatures, thereby keeping your vehicle gripped to the road.

Additionally, tread groove placement improves performance on wet roads. Due to their design, there is surface contact at all times. They also prevent hydroplaning by eliminating water and slush efficiently.

The Avid Ascend LX has a footprint designed to keep a constant contact with the road surface, which promotes better steering responsiveness, vehicle stability and shorter braking times. You, the driver, will feel in control at all times.

The tread’s design produces a sound frequency which cancels out the sound waves made by the tires in motion, making it one of the quietest tires in its class.

 Falken Sincera SN-250

The Sincera SN-250 is classified by Falken as an all-season performance touring tire. 

Therefore, it should deliver great performance in wet, dry, and snowy weather while giving your vehicle class-leading comfort. 

The tire comes in 63 sizes and can fit a vast array of vehicles, from sedans to crossovers and even minivans. 

Falken’s Dynamic Range Technology uses a proprietary silica tread compound that allows the rubber to remain pliable at extremely low temperatures.

As a hybrid tire, it has a number of shared capabilities, on dry roads as well as wet and snowy ones.

On dry roads, the traction on offer at lower speeds is decent, while handling presents no issues whatsoever; at high speeds, you’ll want to avoid tight cornering, but other than that it performs well. 

However, where the Sincera SN-250 really shines is on wet surfaces, with plenty of grip and constant traction under foot. You’ll feel the steering is very responsive due to the angled tread grooves and 3D Canyon sipes.

Finally, on snowy roads, the Falken Sincera SN-250 will handle without any problems, including even on packed ice. For deeper snow, you’ll be advised to switch to a proper set of snow tires.

This model has been designed with comfort in mind, and in that respect, it really delivers. The smooth ride is accompanied by low-noise levels, and only starts to make some rumble once at highway speeds.