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With autumn on its last leg, several car owners are looking to purchase cheap winter tires. However, cheap does not mean low-quality when it comes to 4Tires tires!

Whoever said that buying cheap meant buying low quality definitely never browsed our inventory. We offer discounted tires and can have your tires directly shipped to your address from our warehouses. Furthermore, we also offer a large selection of steel wheels, rims, and mags for both winter and summer. If you are looking for cheap winter tires, our inventory is the best place to start!

Canadian winters can be rough and driving in snow, ice, and water requires good tires. Furthermore, Quebec’s laws indicate that driving with winter tires is mandatory from December 1st to March 15. In British Columbia, they are mandatory from October 1st to April 30, with a few exceptions. They are not mandatory in any other provinces, but they are highly recommended. Some provinces even offer incentives, such as Ontario which offers lower insurance premiums to drivers with snow tires.

However, it doesn’t mean you have to spend excessively to drive safely. Our mission is to provide Canadian drivers with cheap but high-quality solutions that’ll still allow them to face winter and stay safe on the frosty roads. 

If you’re looking to purchase high-quality tires at a low cost, 4Tires is exactly where you’ll find them.

Winter Tires: Our Suggestions

Snow, water, ice, freezing rain, you name it, the Canadian winters have them all. For those reasons, it is crucial to be equipped with the right tires. Fortunately, 4Tires offers a large selection of premium quality brands at affordable prices. If you’re looking for low-cost, durable, high-quality tires, here are some of our suggestions!

Maxtrek Trek M7

With a price starting at as low as 65.99 the Maxtrek Trek M7 is an excellent choice to drive safely in winter at a small price. After reviewing these tires carefully, we attributed it a note of 8 on 10 for winter driving, as they have demonstrated great ability on snow, ice, dry and wet pavement.

Sailun Atrezzo Touring LS

These tires are all season but have demonstrated great abilities on both dry and wet pavement. If you are looking for a smooth, comfortable and safe ride, the Sailun Atrezzo Touring LS tires are exactly what you need.

We also recommend the Minerva and Ironman brands if you’re looking for cheap tires to drive safely this upcoming winter season.

Why Purchase Cheap Winter Tires with 4Tires?

We specialize in the online sale of top-quality tires at a low price. Our mission is to provide our customers with affordable and durable options so they can face winter confidently and safely.

Furthermore, we offer the same guarantees as the manufacturers.

If you have any questions or need help choosing your tires, do not hrom a car dealership or garage.

Youesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly assist you so you can purchase the right tires for your vehicle.